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Ok, I got it
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***Saliva***SwitchFoot***LInkin PaRK***Deftones***StainD***Guns N roses***Breaking BEnjamen***Aerosmith***ACDC***Korn***3 Days Grace***MEtallIca***New Found Glory***Good Charlotte***Lamb of God***Slipknot***Limp Bizkit***Creed***NickleBack***NIrvana***NickleBack***atreyu****sugarCult***Cradle of FilTh***relieNt K***sum 41***System of a Down****SimPle PlaN***BliNk 182***My cheMical RoMance***DisturBed***
***Chingy***NElly***FaboloUs***EMINEM***LUdaCris***Lil Jon***Young Buck***Dr. Dre***50 Cent***Jay Z***SnOOp***Xzibit***Naz***Tupac***LL cool J***TipsY***LIl Romeo***BoW WOW***Missy Elliot***D12***Ying YAng Twins***TrIck daDDy***Anthony HamilTon***OMarion***Usher***LIl jon***Ciara***Ashanti***Alicia Keys****D12***Akon
Heath Ledger
^OMFG! trent ford is a sexy beast , n i would make mad love to him anyday any time!!!! DAMN it should b illeagal to b that fine! OW OW>>
piercings r soooo hottt!!!!!!!!!!
Being Upset makes you extrememly creative...
sweet ass tattoo